Anonymous Hacker Pulls Plug on A Large Number of Dim Web Websites

Twenty percent of the Dark Net was taken offline when a server hosting some 10,000 sites on the Tor network. was compromised by a hacker

Tor, built to conceal the identities of its own users, is popular on the Dark Web, which is not indexed by mainstream search engines and functions as a hub for illegal activities that were on-line.

Freedom Hosting II is.

The attacker, that has promised to be a part of the hacker collective Anonymous, apparently took because 50 percent of its own websites included child pornography Freedom Hosting II offline.

The first Freedom Hosting websites hosted as much as 50 percent of the pages of the Dark Web at the time of 2013, when law enforcement took down it. That activity was followed by several child porn prosecutions.

Basic Hack

This event allegedly was the initial hack performed from the attacker, who claimed responsibility in a interview.

Nevertheless, those .gov addresses might not be valid, he noted.

The hack of Freedom II was comparatively rudimentary, said Tim Condello, security researcher and technical account manager at RedOwl.

“They identified a settings problem and used it to identify the origin user of the machine and earn control of it that manner,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Common Susceptibility

This strike shows that as it pertains to susceptibility to opposition, the Dark Web does not have an edge.

“The underlying technology of the Dark Web is not anything ground-breaking.

“The difference is the way the content is conveyed, therefore it is reachable only through the Dark Web,” he continued.

Defects in Web that is Dark

The assault on Freedom II also demonstrates the risk of focusing resources in a place that is central.

“The undeniable fact that so many websites used this single unique hosting supplier meant a violation of the supplier meant a violation of a huge number of websites,” noted Danny Rogers, CEO of Terbium Labs.

“These kinds of centralizations create major weaknesses.”

“I am confident they angered plenty of men and women, but I am uncertain how much anyone can do about it,” Rogers said.

There could possibly be legal ramifications from your strike, however they might be for the individuals identified in the dump of information that is purloined rather than for the hacker.

“The information release will be a significant blessing to law enforcement,” Rogers noted.

More Strikes to Come

Assaults on the Web that is Dark are trivial, nevertheless they do not regularly get the visibility of the assault on Freedom II.

“These strikes will continue on a rate with what we view on the clear Web,” Condello maintained.

“I presume the brand new layout will be [that] as susceptibility are shown on the open Web, folks will attend the Dark Web and find out whether there are any websites with those same vulnerabilities,” he indicated. “Getting access to websites constructed around anonymity and pulling the curtain back on such can provide you power and cash.”